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Hayley Holland becomes a Director at Pinewood

Hayley Holland becomes a Director at Pinewood

Hayley has been part of the Pinewood make up since 2011, she has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company along with the team since then. She joined Pinewood from a corporate agency over in Sheffield as she wanted to get back to working in her hometown of Chesterfield, so when a vacancy opened within our agency she jumped at the chance. She bought with her over 10 years of experience and always displayed a hunger to be the best, she would never miss an opportunity, her customer service was, and still is without question second to none.

In the time she has been with Pinewood she has helped with the development of our Sales arm of the business from the ground up, she has seen the introduction of our Land Department and worked through the purchase of Village Estates, not to mention all the legislation changes and COVID to throw is a few more things.

When Hayley became the Chesterfield branch manager few years ago she indicated that she wanted to go higher with the company in the future. Desire and ambition are fabulous assets for anyone to have. She has taken hold of the role with both hands and run with it, she has had tough times and also great times. With Hayleys’ knowledge and understanding of not only the industry, but Pinewood also, who else would Stacey and Richard have chosen to make a Director within Pinewood?

What Stacey and Richard Say

Stacey Davies-Bowler

Managing Director, Stacey Davies-Bowler says “Hayley is an absolute credit to Pinewood, I have to say that if Hayley had not been with us for the last twelve years, I am sure Pinewood would look very different to what it does today. Both myself and Richard are extremely pleased that Hayley wanted to take on a role as a Director and I think that I speak for everyone when I say that the future looks very good indeed”

Richard Taylor

Fellow Director, Richard Taylor says” I have known and worked with Hayley for many years, and I have always found her to be of the highest calibre in terms of operational knowledge, customer service and a sheer willingness to get the job done. Working alongside Stacey, Hayley’s development has been key to what has felt like is a natural step into Directorship with Pinewood.”



It’s A Dream Come True!

Hayley said “When I started my career at Pinewood Properties I knew that this was a company that had the same drive and vision as where I wished for my career to be directed in. I had worked within estate agencies since leaving school at the age of 16. I came to Pinewood with many skills but along the way I have learnt and developed many additional skills.

I have a love for Pinewood and it truly feels like home to me. There is just a natural instinct to ensure I am giving the best and in turn this provides the best for the company. When you love your job and the company as much as I do, there is no question but to give it your all without a second thought.

To work along side Stacey and Richard, amongst other fantastic colleagues, has been a privilege and when I was offered the role as Director I was overjoyed. The instant answer was YES, YES, YES!!! To know you have been recognised and trusted was overwhelming.

To now be a director for a company you have some much passion for and have worked so hard to achieve the successes we have is an amazing achievement and a huge milestone for me.

I will continue to provide the very best to all our customers now and future and will ensure that together as a team, myself, Richard and Stacey take Pinewood from strength to strength.”

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