Landlord Fees

Services & Costs


Tenancy Managed Service: £250 (Inc VAT) one off payment for initial set up Cost (to create the property) then 13.8% of all the rent collected (Inc VAT)

Subsequent re-let’s will be subject to £165 (Inc Vat) re-let Cost

  • Collect and remit the monthly rent received
  • Deduct commission and other works
  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions
  • Advise all relevant utility providers of changes
  • Arrange routine repairs and instruct approved contractors (providing two quotes)
  • Hold keys throughout the tenancy term
  • Make any HMRC deductions and provide tenant with NRL8 (if relevant)


Rent Collection Service: £250 (Inc VAT) one off payment for initial set up cost (to create the property) then 8.4% of all the rent collected (Inc VAT)

Subsequent re-let’s will be subject to £165 (Inc Vat) re-let Cost

  • Collect and remit the monthly rent received
  • Deduct commission and other works
  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions
  • Make any HMRC deductions and provide tenant with NRL8 (if relevant)


Let Only Service: The cost is equivalent to one month rent (Inc VAT) with no initial set up Cost. There is a minimum Cost of £450 (Inc VAT).

  • Collect and remit initial month’s rent received.
  • Agree collection of any shortfall and payment method
  • Provide the tenant with method of payment
  • Deduct any pre tenancy invoices
  • Make any HMRC deduction and provide tenant with NRL8 (if relevant)
  • If more than 1 month rent collected the additional rent will be subject to 8.4% (Inc VAT) collection Cost.


Guaranteed Rental

How it works?

We do everything you would expect from a fully managed service, with the added security of guaranteed income 52 weeks of the year.

  • If the property is vacant or the tenant fails to pay the rent, you still get paid. You will know exactly what will arrive in your bank account each month for the duration of the contract.
  • Pinewood Property Lettings will pay your rent on the same day each month, giving you the peace of mind when working out budgets or just ensuring that the mortgage is paid on time. There is no uncertainty, as we are your professional tenants.
  • Pinewood will pay even when the property is empty so there are no void periods on the property for you. With the average void between tenants of 60 days (NLA survey, April 2013) in any 12month period, this will really help secure your income.
  • Just like our Fully Managed Service, you won’t be bothered at any time by the tenant residing in the property. No requests in the middle of the night or on a weekend to deal with a burst pipe or broken boiler! We organise this all for you.
  • There are no charges for setting the contract up, no tenant introduction Costs, no commissions and absolutely no ‘hidden extras’ to pay.
  • Pinewood effectively becomes your tenant, so it is vital that the tenants we select treat your property with respect. At check out, we cover the cost of internal damages up to 1 month rent, so if things do get damaged, we take the financial hit.
  • Occasionally there is a need for court action to evict a tenant or recover unpaid rent. This can be both time-consuming and costly.  With our Guaranteed Rent we will meet all the legal costs & manage the process whilst you continue to receive your rental payments.


Deposit Registration Cost at Start of Every New Let: £35 (Inc VAT) then £30 every twelve months (Inc VAT)

  • Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with The Tenants Deposit Scheme (TDS)
  • Provide the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the start of tenancy.
  • To remit and balance the financial return to HMRC quarterly and respond to any specific query relating to the return from the landlord or HMRC


Obtaining a third contractor quote: £35 (Inc VAT) per quote (the first two are included)


Rent Review Cost: £50 (Inc VAT) Payable upon the Service of the Section 13

  • Review rent in accordance with current prevailing market condition and advise the landlord.
  • Negotiate with tenant
  • Direct tenant to make payment changes as appropriate
  • Update the tenancy
  • Serve Section 13 Notice if tenancy is on a rolling monthly basis.


Additional property visits: £50 per hour to include travel time (Inc VAT)

  • To attend for specific requests such as neighbour disputes or just more visits are required to monitor the tenancy, or any maintenance linked visits.


Property Inspections (Above the contracted number): £50 per hour to include travel time (Inc VAT)

  • Arrange a mutually convenient appointment with tenant to undertake periodic inspections.
  • Produce inspection report for landlord
  • Liaise with landlord and contractors for any remedial work
  • Issue care and attention letter if further visits require due to negligence of the tenant


Tenancy Renewal Cost/Re-Sign Cost: £100 (Inc VAT)

  • Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy agreement. Providing electronic copies of the AST to both tenant and landlord. Update the TDS deposit registration.


Re-Let Cost: £165 (Inc VAT) (Fully Managed Service and Rent Collection Service only)

  • Contract negotiation, payable on every new let (new tenant) on the Fully Managed service


Checkout Cost: £70 (Inc VAT) for the first hour then £50 (Inc VAT) per hour thereafter (Let Only and the Rent Collection Service only).

  • agree with tenant check out date and time appointment
  • organise move out report
  • negotiate with landlord and tenant any disbursement of the security deposit
  • return deposit as agreed with landlord and tenant to relevant parties.
  • remit any disputed amount to the deposit protection service (DPS) for final adjudication
  • unprotect the security deposit
  • instruct contractors, obtain quotes, organise repairs/replacement cost of any broken or missing items


Notices serviced under mandatory and discretionary grounds under the Housing Act 1988 as amended by The Housing Act 1996: £135 (Inc VAT)

  • Section 21 (Form 6)


Submit the TDS Paperwork and Evidence in the Event of the Deposit Going to Dispute at the end of the Tenancy: £200 (Inc VAT). Pinewood will not be held liable for disputes (any amount) that do not get awarded to the landlord.

  • Complete the TDS paperwork
  • Compile all the quotes for proposed works
  • Pack together photographic evidence of damage
  • Prepare the Check Out Report highlighting the damage
  • Prepare the Inventory for submission to the TDS
  • Following up with the dispute service and offer update to the landlord


Court Attendance: £165 (Inc VAT) per hour. Full day £450 (Inc VAT)


Withdrawal Costs

  • If you decide to withdraw your property after we have conducted a full write up and marketed the property, you will be liable for a Cost of £280 (Inc VAT)
  • Withdrawal of property after we have appointed a tenant you will be liable for a Cost of £400 (Inc VAT) payable to the agent and you will have to cover all the tenant’s application Costs that they have incurred up to that point.
  • If you decide to take the property back while there is a tenant in occupation that we put in, we will require a minimum of ‘three contractual months’ written notice that you wish to take the property back after the fixed term (and not before), the three months’ notice period cannot start before the end of the fixed term. There will also be a £200 (Inc VAT) withdrawal Cost.
  • If you decide to withdraw your property after signing the agreement but before being written up and marketed you be liable for a Cost of £100 (Inc VAT), this will be reimbursed if you decide to list the property within three months of that date on the agreement


An Inventory/Schedule of Condition

This document is required to prove what condition the property was in when the tenant started their tenancy. It is a vital document that will be needed if you are to claim for any damages caused by the tenant at the end of their tenancy. The cost of the Inventory/Schedule of Condition is £165.00 including Vat and that includes the Check Out at the end of the tenancy, this will be completed by a Professional Inventory Clerk (a third party). This cost is payable at the start of every new tenancy.


Sale of Property

In the event of the tenant or a prospective purchaser introduced by the agent completing the purchase of the property at any time, a commission will be payable by the owner the equivalent of 1.2% (Inc VAT) of the selling price with a minimum of £1200 (Inc VAT).