Land & New Homes

We’ll Unlock Your land’s potential with Our Expertise

Land is currently in very high demand and we are perfectly positioned to unlock the true value of your plot. Having a designated Land and New Homes department gives Pinewood a very unique prospect to anyone looking to sell land or any builder looking to buy land. We already have a large database of builders from small local builders to larger national house builders but we are always looking for more. If you are right at the very beginning of an opportunity and need assistance with the planning process or you have planning and need assistance with the development, Pinewood would be happy to take you through the stage by stage process.

Has my land got potential?

If you own a piece of land or a commercial building and believe that there might be the potential to develop on it then there is a very high chance there is. Even if you don’t personally feel your plot has potential it may be best to allow one of our development experts to take a look, they will investigate the plot from a planning point of view. And what will this cost me I hear you ask? The good news is, absolutely nothing, so what have you to lose? It really is worth getting in touch for a no-obligation assessment.

Our team will answer your questions and discuss the potential possibilities for your site and advise on what the next steps should be. You will be guided on each and every step.

I’ve applied for planning

Exciting times lay ahead; usually there is a timeline for the planners to make their decision, if the plan is right for the area then there should be very few problems.

You are now placed in a very strong position; if your desire is to dispose the site with planning and walk away with a healthy profit, we can start talking to our network of builders and developers. Or we can sit down and discuss the strategy for building the site out, pricing it and then disposing of the units. There’s lots to think about.

I’ve had planning refused

Don’t panic, it is not the end of the road, in fact far from it, this may just be the start to a much better development than originally planned. There are many reasons why a development may get refused but with our years of experience in the local area and our planning experts on hand, we can drop straight onto it and find out exactly why the application has been refused and what can be done to get it through planning.

So, let’s sit down and go through the reason it got declined in the first place and decide on a positive strategy to move this plot forward for you.

I’ve had planning granted

WOW! Well done, you must be over the moon right now? There are now two avenues you can take, you either build the site yourself with a view of selling the units or sell the site with the planning you have obtained for a heathy profit.

Now is the time we should sit with you and discuss those two options and you should see very early on in that meeting which avenue is the best option for you. Either way, Pinewood will be able to assist you, we would be able to dispose of the site via our network of builders and developers within our Land and New Homes Network or equally we can help you in finding the right builder to build the site out for you. It’s a great opportunity in any case.

My site’s under construction

Here at Pinewood, we are proud to have made a name for ourselves in the Land and New Homes market by not only understanding the needs of house builders and landowners, but by offering the specialist services that support growth. So we excel in delivering all the necessary elements for the successful launch of a development and the expertise and commitment to fully support the project for its duration.

We have a great deal of experience of managing site sales operations for our clients and you can count on our staff to represent your company professionally and to uphold your best interests.

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s leading house builders and appreciate the finer details of working with premium developments. Our business driver is always to secure the best value for our clients, rather than take a sales rate. And in addition, we understand that a cohesive approach from a sales and lettings perspective can foster both short and long-term gains.

Get in touch

So let’s talk. There’s no obligation and our advice is confidential. We’ll weigh-up all your options and give you honest feedback and informed advice.